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Almaty Region Families

Here are our families from Almaty region

Joseph age 7 - Almaty region
Lilly age 7 - Almaty region

Sara and Julian
Zoe age 2
Almaty City, BH#2
We brought Zoe home from Almaty (BH #2) in April of 2008. The past year has been full of sugar and spice with plenty of snails and puppy dog tails thrown in for fun. Zoe is amazingly happy and well adjusted. Her curiosity and zest for life keep us entertained and on our toes. She loves music, books, tofu hot dogs and blueberries - and is as happy playing with dolls as she is digging in the dirt and looking for snails and caterpillars in the park. We have started the paperwork for a second Kaz adoption.

Gerri and Joe
Ella age 6- Almaty City
Lexa age 6- Le Chang, China
Danielle age 14 Anshan, China

Stacye and Mark
Lainey age 8
Andrew age 3- Almaty City BH#1


Mark and Dawn
Anastasiya "Staci" age 12- Almaty City
Jacob age 11

Tom and Angie
Lydia age 5- Almaty City

We met our Lydia in Dec. of 2004 at Baby House #2 at the age of 10 months. She is an exuberant, inquisitive, and happy little girl. She absolutely loves animals, running and jumping, talking, and music. She rarely meets a stranger. Though born in Almaty City she is a child of the steppes as she delights in wide open spaces where she can run and she adores horses. We live in Alabama near Auburn University. This will be our first Kazapalooza and we look forward to meeting other families.

David and Kim
Noah age 4- Volgograd, Russia
Josh age 2- Almaty City

Carolyn and Mark
Sadie age 3- Esik


Lori and Ruth
Madina age 4- Issyk
Nicholas age 1- Semey

I am Lori and I became a mother for the first time in April of 2005 when I travelled to Ecik and met the beautiful baby that was to become my Madina Grace. Madina has been the light of my life for the last 4 years and this winter she got to be part of her brothers adoption as she travelled to Semey with her Grandma and me to adopt Nicholas Adilet. Nicholas was a ball of energy when he came home in Feb. at 12 months and hasn't slowed down a bit! After the initial "sibling shock" Madina has taken right to her role as big sister and is having a blast with her brother.

Natalya age 3- Ecik

Addison age 5
Haven age 2- Karakastek
We are Brad, Stacy, Lindsay, Charlie, Addison and Haven Segebarth. We traveled to Almaty Kazakhstan (Karakastek) in April - June 2007 to bring Haven home. She definitley adds a little spunk to our lives and WE are truly BLESSED beyond belief with her addition to our family. She has a sunny personality and a happy dispostion. She is the most strong headed one of the kids (she must get that from her Daddy) and always knows how to get what she wants. She does not have shy bone in her body (she must get that from her Mommy) and truly lights up a room when she enters it! She puts the life into everyday and we can't imagine our lives without her!!!!! We truly are the blessed ones. We can't wait to meet everybody!

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Dave and Mary
Ashling age 9
Orin age 4- Karakastek

We are Dave, Mary, Ashling and Orin Keogh. Dave and I (Mary) were born in Ireland and moved to Canada in the late '80s. We have two kiddies - our Ashling is bio and is 9. She is a lovely kid, full of life, humour and sweetness and great big sister to our Orin. We met Orin in April 2006 and brought him home to Toronto in June 2006. Orin is a little spitfire - his nickname is hard work!! He is very head strong, out going and full of energy!! We laugh as his care taker in Karasatek BH said her lasting memory of him would be how calm and good natured he was - NOT!!!
We met great friends for life, other adoptive families in Karakastek in 2006 (Moon and Dave and Mirko and Snezana from below) only to name two couples. We have had a reunion with them in 2007 and 2008 - this year we are combining our 2009 reunion at Kazapalooza - we can not wait!!
The Keoghclan - Toronto, Canada

David and Moon
Nicholas age 4 Karakastek
Luke age 4- Karakastek

Snezana and Mirko
Philip age 4- Karakastek

Chris and Gretchen
Serik age 2- Karakastek
Austin age 2
Asa age 9 months
We travelled to Kaz in May of 2007 to meet our oldest son, Serik. He is such a joy in our lives. The quiet, shy underweight baby has become a big, loud, friendly toddler. He loves to eat and play with his two younger brothers. His favorite toys are cars and trucks and knows the names of all the big heavy machinery. We have had lots of big changes in our family in the past two years and he has rolled with the punches each time. We are so blessed to be Mama and Papa of Serik and his brothers. I am so excited about KP and look forward to seeing all of you!


Thad and Ann
Jabari age 5 Astana
Gunnar age 3- Karakastek

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