Thursday, May 14, 2009

Aqtobe, Petropavlovsk, and Shymkent

Here are our families from Shymkent, Petropavlovsk, and Aqtobe

Teresa and Winston
Martina age 12
Jasmine age 4
Sophia age 2- Shymkent

Regina and Frank
Milo age 2 - Aqtobe
South Carolina

We first met Milo in May, 2008 and brought him home in August 2008 at exactly 2 years old. He is a sparkling, silly, cheerful, exuberant, loving and charming little imp. He loves the water, airplanes, trains, cars, tractors, books, animals and shoes. He loves to play chef, play doctor, give hugs and leap from tall buildings in a single bound. His favorite foods are tomatoes, apples, broccoli, yogurt and ice cream. We live in Charleston, SC, and we looking forward to seeing our Kaz friends very soon!

Janice with friend Laura
Brenna age 3 - Aqtobe

Todd and Lisa
Hannah age 12
Nolan age 10
Lucas age 8
Angela age 6 - Petropavlovsk

Jim and Jennifer
Gianna age 2 - Petropavlovsk
New York

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