Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Astana Families

This week our featured families are from Astana.

Daniel and Kerry
Quinn 2 yrs old

Tony and Maegan
Taylor 2 yrs old
Blog address: http://www.babygirl-kaz.blogspot.com
Info about Taylor: Taylor was adopted from Astana in August of 2007. We have been so blessed to have her as a part of our family. She is very outgoing and active, always surprising us with new things and sayings! She loves to play outside, draw, and sing. She is very tiny (weighing only 22lbs and being only 32 inches tall!) but you would never know it by how active she is! She is always running around, jumping and rolling. She attends school part time for the summer, and she is very smart!


Adam and Sara
Rylie 2 yrs old
Hi! We are Sara, Adam, and Rylie Tennen. We live in Phoenix, Arizona. We traveled to Astana in October of 2007 and brought Rylie home in December 2007. Rylie just turned two and she is seriously the coolest kid in the world (objectively speaking,) and is much cooler than either of us. We are in the process of adopting again from Kazakhstan and hope to travel sometime in early 2010.
We cannot wait to come to Kazapalooza and meet all of you.
Our family blog is http://thetennenfamily.blogspot.com
It has links to our two adoption blogs.

Andrew 3 yrs old

Kate Fakih Astana 07
Marwan, Annette and Kate became a family one warm summer morning in July of 07 in Astana, KZ. They have been inseparable since. Kate is almost, always shy the first few moments of an encounter but lights up the whole room once she gets going. She loves pink (shade:rose pink), watermelon and baby jaguars (pretty much most baby animals). Kate also enjoys feeding time with the penguins at the NiagaraFalls Aquarium and sliding down on her knees at the park slide. Marwan and Annette learn from Kate everyday. She inspires them to laugh to their hearts' content, hug everyone who is sad and kiss every boo-boo that hurts (could be challenging in their line of work, possibly an infection control concern!), say hello to the nice lady who gives people bags of fruit and milk at Wegman's (THE grocery) and to always, always take time to stop and smell the roses during wagon rides around the block (when the temp is not subfreezing). Annette specially loves it that Kate adores Marwan (see photo).

See you all soon.
Marwan and Annette
Kate 2 yrs old
New York

Michael and Jennifer
Matthew 2 yrs old

Brad and Corrine
Andrew 2 yrs old

Serena 2 1/2 yrs old
New Jersey
Serena is a very happy girl and continues to amaze me with her spirit. She loves yogurt, the beach and being chased around the house. Her laugh is infectious and one of a kind and I truly can't imagine my life without her. She is my heart.

Stephen and Kjersten
Aitugan 2 yrs old

Maxium 2 yrs old

Max was born January 7, 2007 in Astana. I held him for the first time , August 10, and the world changed forever for me from that day on.
Like all Kaz children, he is so smart, gorgeous, loves to be a boy, and can he sing! From a baby, he would rock and shake in his car seat when we drove, and now repeats any song. He attracts the ladies, loves to build things and move them, has a very funny sense of humor( our first meeting we both were laughing) and is very sweet if you ignore the 'terrible two' episodes. :)
We cannot express how excited we are to see everyone in June, as I feel this is so important for our children. At church today, they were thanking the mom's, as it is Mother's Day, yet I thought, I am so grateful to have Max in my life, and to have shared our journey in Kazakhstan with amazing familes in Astana. Yes, Annette, I was crying like a baby at church! lol
Warm regards,
Soraya and Max

Jaimie and Gena
Berik 3 yrs old

Our blog as you know is www.berikjames.blogspot.com but the original blog was/is www.frogssnailsandpuppydogtails.blogspot.com . We live in Huntsville, Tx. about 1 hour north of Houston. We both work for the Texas Department of Criminal Justice. Daddy is the Captain of the Food Service Department and mommy is a Parole Officer. Berik turned 3 on March 27. Here is a fairly recent picture of all of us. Thanks, Gena Lloyd

Maren and Peter
Rinat 2 yrs old

We are Peter, Maren, and Rinat Leggett from Washington, DC. We were lucky enough to go to Astana in 2007 to adopt our sweet boy who is now 2 years old and, in the process, get to know a great group of people who were there adopting their little cuties at the same time. We can't wait to see them all in Nashville and make some new Kaz friends too! See you there! www.stanwardbound.blogspot.com

Thad and Ann
Jabari 5 yrs old and Gunnar 3 yrs old (Karakstek)

Kiana 2 1/2 yrs old

Jila met Kiana, then 6.5 months old, on May 23, 2007 in Astana and was grateful for the lengthy in-country stay that followed which gave Kiana the time to get used to her and Jila the opportunity to explore Kiana's birth city. They arrived in Canada on July 19, 2007 and now live in Winnipeg with frequent excursions to Toronto to visit Kiana's grandparents and uncle. Kiana is delightful in every possible way and Jila loves everything about being her mother with the one small exception of wishing there was more time in her life to do things like update her blog.
Blog address: http://jgkazandbeyond.blogspot.com/

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