Monday, May 25, 2009


Here are our Karaganda families

Joanne and Andy
Nicholas age 2 - Karaganda
Jacob age 15 months - Bishkek, Kyrgzstan
New York

Liberty and Laura
Stella age 5 - Karaganda

Karen and Patrick
Nicholas age 5 - Karaganda
We came home 2 years ago in April with Nicholas Carmon Kitzman (Nurbolat was his given name). He is from the Karaganda Region but not Karaganda City. He is from a smaller and remote town about 6 hours from Karaganda City called Zhezkazgan. If you look smack dab in the middle of Kaz, that is where we were! Very few American families end up in Zhez. Usually, only 1 or 2 families per year are allowed to adopt from there. Nick was 3 when he came to live with us and while his age was a surprise, he has been the perfect fit for our family. He is the loudest, sweetest, funniest, most charismatic boy you will ever meet! He has changed and grown so much over the past 2 years (almost 7 inches to be exact!) He will start Kindergarten next year at a spanish/english immersion school and will hopefully be bi-lingual in his fourth language by the time he graduates....of course, then we will have to go back and learn Kazakh and Russian! He loves pirates, planes, geotrax trains, and books! He is always on the go and if you blink, you may miss him in Nashville but most likely you will HEAR him! :) Our blog is


Danielle and Barrett
Nolan age 6
Callan age 4
Hailan age 2 - Karaganda

Ben and Ziara
Catherine age 2 - Karaganda
Ben and Ziara Bierig adopted Ava from Kazakhstan in 11/08. After being scammed by a former agency for 5 years Ziara met a woman over the internet trying to buy a Kazakhstan cookbook and she happened to be starting a kazakhstanian adoption agency- Ziara trusted her heart to a stranger and her dreams of parenthood after 16 years of failed IVFs, and a scammed agency but a lot of prayer and dont quit attitude Ava Catherine is perfect for our family. It took 7 years but we never gave up and share our experience with anyone who wants help.

Muriel and Jerry
Sophia age 2 - Karaganda
Jack age 9 months

We are the Elrod family and we are so honored to have two little lovies sent straight from God; Sophia Hope and Jack. We traveled to Karaganda (Nezabudka) to meet our princess in April of 2007. She is the life of the party and loves Elmo, Mickey (specifically, Mickey's Clubhouse), Thomas, swimming and the park. She is an amazing little girl and we count our blessings daily. She is full of fire and determination and will do anything once she puts her mind to it. We are also amazed by our son who is perhaps the sweetest happiest baby we have ever met. He will melt you all with his toothy grin. We can't wait to see you guys in Nashville! We love people who love adoption!

Mark and Kristan
Ryan age 10
Tanner age 7
Sadie age 2- Karaganda

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