Saturday, May 30, 2009


Here are our Kostanai families

Susan and Joe
Sean age 10
Leeza Grace age 1 - Kostanai

We are the Serra family, of Largo, Florida. We spent 11 weeks (plus 3 days) in Kazkahstan, arriving home Oct 21st with our princess. Leeza has changed SO much in the 7 months she's been home-and is becoming a strong willed, bow-clad, fashionista with her mom enjoying being her fashion coordinator. She is changing so much lately, and has a new passion for books, swimming, her mother's iphone, chapstick, pushing her baby stroller around, and lately, Elmo, even though she is not interested in TV yet. Her latest HUGEST milestone is that she has joined the "potty trained" elite and we just made our first outing to Target and left the pullups at home. Sean turned 11 in April and is a wonderful big brother and was a real blessing to have in Kazakhstan with us. He plays with his sister all the time and she ADORES him, even when he torments her by throwing her bunny on the ledge above the front door. :) We are so excited to meet all the other families and their Kaz sweeties. Leeza has blessed our life beyond our wildest imagination, and I had no idea be blessed with all these incredible friendships to boot.

John and Jenny
Roxana age 2 - Kostanai
We met eight-month-old Roxana in October 2007. This tiny and demure beauty immediately captured our hearts, and we were overjoyed when we became a family two months later. We have thoroughly enjoyed watching Roxana blossom into the loving, garrulous, vivacious two-year-old she is today. Now, we look forward to meeting other munchkins from the merry old land of Kaz !


Christopher and Tricia
Rustam age 1 - Kostanai
We are Chris and Tricia from the Philadelphia area. We traveled to Kostanai Kazakhstan on June 1, 2008 and returned home with our son Rustam (pronounced Roo-stahm) on August 22, 2008. Rustam is 18 months old and full of energy to do his favorite thing, climb any surface he can! The comment we hear most about him is "he's a happy little guy". He was smiling when we met him and he sure brings many smiles to our faces. We feel incredibly blessed to have traveled to Kazakhstan and had the experience that we did, but most importantly to have met this sweet, fun, curious, adorable little guy who is now our son. We are looking forward to meeting you all in Nashville!


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