Sunday, May 31, 2009


Here are our Semey families

Lori and Ruth
Madina age 4 - Issyk
Nicholas age 1 - Semey

Maya age 2
We are Linda and Maya Serges and live outside of Chicago . Maya is 2 ½ years old and has been home for four months. She is an intelligent, funny, outgoing little girl and charms most of those she meets. I am amazed at how much she has blossomed in such a short period of time. I am thankful everyday that this little girl has come into my life.


Chris and Emily
Liam age 9
cade age 7
Zane age 4
Keira age 1 - Semey

We are Emily and Chris Jenkins, we have three boys Liam (9), Cade(7), Zane (4), and one daughter adopted from Kazakhstan. Keira will be two in July, she was adopted from Semey and came home on February 6, 2009.

Jim and Peggy
Jacob age 9

Our trip to Semey was at Easter in 2001 when Jacob Valentin was 19 months
old. It's hard to believe we've been a family for 8 years and that Jacob
will be 10 in September. Jacob has a loving spirit, is eager to please but
strong willed and very active. He loves to build things, swim, play with
friends and travel. We live in Northeast Florida outside of Jacksonville in
a rural setting on a creek so he gets lots of time outside. He struggled in
public school and is now happy and progressing in a private Montessori,
small classroom environment. We have attended other Kaz adoption functions
over the years and look forward to seeing families we've met and meeting
others. We welcome others and would love to hear from you if ever in the
Northeast Florida/South Georgia area.

Stewart and Ashlee
Owen age 2

Kelly and Sne
Miras age 1
We brought our cutie, Miras, home from Semey last Summer and so wanted to travel earlier in the Spring so we could attend the first Kazapalooza. Miras (his Kazakh name, meaning "good heritage") has been such a joy - really the light of our lives. Everyone describes him as the sweetest boy who loves to smile and laugh. He is also "all boy" as he loves sports, taking things apart or "fixing" them, and anything with wheels and/or an engine, especially Thomas the Train. We are all looking forward to meeting other Kaz kids and their families - especially those with whom we've been blogging since the beginning. You are our virtual family and we can't wait to meet you and your beautiful children in person.


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