Sunday, May 31, 2009


Here are our Uralsk Families

Henry age 2
Hi, We are Carolyn and Henry Tarpey from Conn. I am a single parent to my adorable son Henry who is 28 months old. I traveled to Uralsk Kaz in Oct/ Nov. 07. Henry came home at 9 months old. From the moment I met Henry, I knew in my heart he was my son. Henry is an amazing little boy who lives life to the fullest and never stops smiling. His passion is cars and trucks and he loves to just play and play. We are both so excited to be going to Kazapalooza and to be finally meeting so many wonderful people through the world of adoption.


Kelly and Steve
George age 2
We are the Sarandis Family. We traveled to Uralsk in West Kazakhstan in late July 2008. We arrived home on September 9th, 2009 and couldn't be happier. George is doing wonderfully. He is the center of attention wherever he goes. As we like to say he is a 'busy' little guy. On the go constantly with no down time except when he sleeps. We count our blessings everyday as George is just such a wonderful child. We live just north of Boston in Massachusetts and are looking forward to Kazapalooza next weekend.

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John and Anita
Charlie, age 5 - Uralsk Oct 06
Waiting for Alex...

Marietta (Atlanta), GA

Andrew and Alaina
Calvin age 4 - Uralsk
Patrick age 3 - Uralsk
Titus age 1 - Domestic

Hi, we are the Falk family from Indiana! We adopted Calvin and Patrick from Uralsk in October 2006. Calvin was born with a cleft lip and palate that was repaired at the Shriner's Hospital in Chicago - he continues receiving care there. Calvin is 4 and Patrick is almost 4. Titus was born in KY joined our family in August 2008 as a newborn. They are all such a blessing and we are amazed by them daily! We had such a great time at Kazapalooza last year and can't wait to see everyone!

Nathan and Cynthia
Abram- he will be 2 on June 12th
Nashville, TN

Our prayers were answered in April / May of 2008 when we adopted Abram. He will be two on June 12th. He is such an amazing little guy!!! He is a loving little ball of energy that truly enjoys life to the fullest. He loves to be outside and loves to be in the water. We feel so blessed to be his parents! We are excited about Kazapalooza, and cannot wait to meet all of you.

Karon and John
Emerson age 2

We are Karon, John and Emerson Decker. We adopted Emerson from Uralsk June 4, 2007 when he was only 8 months old. I think we hold the record for the longest in country stay for a Uralsk family of 60 days and we loved every minute of it. We made many friends there, taught English as Second language classes and even found our own apartment. We liked it so much, we are going for round two and we hope to be in Kazakhstan this time next year. Emerson, as you will quickly see, is a very active 2.5 year old who is always on the go. He loves the outdoors, cars, trains, swimming, giving hugs and kisses and running around screaming:) His entertaining antics and "ball of fire" personality keep us in good shape and have us wonder what we did with our time before he entered our lives. We love him to pieces and we are very excited to share a weekend with others who have adopted kids from Kazakhstan. We feel very fortunate to be the parents of our little boy.

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