Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Ust-Kamenogorsk and Taraz

Here are our families from Ust and Taraz

Mateo age 6 - Ust
Natalia age 4 - Ust
Hello! We are the Sapp family :-) We traveled to Ust-Kamenogorsk in
October of 2005. Mateo Timur just turned 6 and Natalia Grace is 4.
Mateo loves trucks, policemen, ambulances, Spiderman, Batman, the Green
Goblin, books, and any sort of gadget. He enjoys swimming, putting
things together, learning how to use tools with his G-Pa, and being
outside. He is a very energetic, curious, good-hearted boy. Natalia
loves dolls, her Magna Doodle, shoes, hats, and dress up clothes. She
enjoys being outside, riding her bike, singing, and drawing. She is a
sweet little thing with a diva-like spirit. We live in Illinois and
enjoy keeping up with other adoptive families!


Dart and Lori
Nolan age 9
Nina Bea age 2 - Ust

We are the Printy's from Stow Ohio and we are thrilled to be heading to Kazapalooza this year. This past Christmas we received the greatest gift of all, our dear daughter. We traveled as a family back to Ust-Kamenogorsk to bring Nina home. In a whirlwind 17 days we celebrated; gotcha day, Christmas, Nina's 2nd birthday (also Christmas day), our 19th wedding anniversary, New Years, Russian Orthodox Christmas and Kiefer's 18 birthday. Best of all on January 7th 2009 we celebrated the homecoming of our beautiful Nina Bea.

Bob and Diana
Anton age 18 months - Ust


Glenn and Karen
Max age 2 - Ust
We are Glenn and Karen, and we arrived home from Ust with Zakary Makseem "Max" in June, when Max was 18 months old. Max hit the ground running once we arrived home in Cincinnati and he has been running ever since. He loves his school and all of his new friends, and he is also crazy about Elmo, Dora, and Diego. He loves playing outside, and is happy kicking a ball around or pushing his big Tonka trucks up and down the driveway. We are about to submit our dossier, and we hope to travel back to Kazakhstan some time during 2010 to adopt another son. We also have two children from Glenn's first marriage, 18-year-old Tyler, and 21-year-old Jessica. Our blog: http://ourkazakson.blogspot.com


Kevin and Angel
Lena age 7 - Taraz
Dub age 7 - Taraz
It's been almost 4 years since we came home from Taraz with Lena and Dub. Today they make no resemblance to those tiny creatures we fell in love with. They are both 7 1/2 now- Dub with his curly hair, loooooong legs and ever present smile is the lover of the family. Lena has blossomed into a wonderful little girl. She is still full of sass and vinegar, but is so bright and has such a compassionate heart!
Lena is excelling in first grade. Dub was struggling in kindergarten - they were doing first grade work, but he could not process quick enough to hold onto the info.
This is an Easter picture from this year Just a week later, we stopped into a salon to have them check the length of Lena's hair. She has been growing it out to donate it to "Locks of Love" who make wigs for cancer patients. I thought we were close, and sure enough, we had more than enough, so we chopped it all off! You have to see the difference. We haven't cut her hair more than a small trim since we came home!
We are blessed beyond measure and are so grateful to their tummy mommies who gave them life, and to Umit, who cared for them until we came.
Love to all,
Angel and Kevin Sandlin, and Lena and Dub



Allison and Dan Byrne said...


Our daughter came home from Ust-Kamenogorsk Kazakhstan in August 2008. She is an amazing girl - we are so lucky. We live in Milwaukee and would love to help with Kazapolooza.

Allison, Dan, Joe, Matt & Ana Byrne

Allison and Dan Byrne said...

Sorry - forgot to leave our contact info: byrne1011@sbcglobal.net

Allison, Dan, Joe Matt & Ana Byrne