Saturday, September 15, 2007


Hi guys, I am sooo excited you all are interested in coming. I know if we have 20 or 200 people it is going to be a blast.

This will be the blog site and I would like to post your blogs here so people can see who is going if that is ok. If you could send me an e-mail at with your e-mail address that would be great.

First things first, we need to pick the weekend. I was thinking any of the following. Let me know. I do not want to really get into a summer weekend as the prices go sky high for the flight and hotel. Cast your vote on the side!

Gretchen, Michelle and Kristan have offered to help me so the three of us will do our best to make sure this is an AWESOME weekend like I know it will be!

Here are some initial thoughts I have.

-I want to get a hotel that will offer a group rate and that is walking distance to everything and of course it has to have an indoor pool. I would love for everyone to stay there if they can as it makes the event so much more fun.

-I would love to go to the Shedd Aquarium and or Navy Pier.

-I definately would love a group photo.

ohhh I have so many ideas.

As far as cost, obviously getting yourself there and the hotel and we may have a nominal registration fee (Guatoberfest was $40 per family) for meeting room rental ect.

Also, Guatoberfest has tee-shirts and I would love to have one for our event too.

I just picked Kazapalooza cause I thought it was cute but it does not have to be called that.

Anyway, what do you all think?

Please send me your blog address at my e-mail too so I can have it on the site so we can all "meet" eachother before the big weekend.


Anonymous said...

I love the name......I think it is so clever and I would love to come. I hope it works out for many of us to be there and look forward to meeting more KZ families and kiddos.


Kristan and Mark said...

I love the name!

Susan said...

I love the name too. What is Guatoctober fest? We don't have that in Florida.

I would so love to come.
i voted on the June dates. Would siblings of the Kaz kids be cool to come too? Not sure my 9 year old (then he'll be 10) would want to as he's awfully cool now, but i would want to offer.
Of course, if I Have my Kaz kid or kids by then. :)
I think i will. :)

such a great idea. Thank you for planning it.

dkeogh said...

Hi there. Us too, us too :-) Would love to try and make something like this. We are in Toronto so I think Chicago is very doable for us. Always wanted to see the windy city!! We have our baby house reunion in Michigan again next July so May would work well for us!

The Keogh's in Toronto

Matthew and Suzanne said...

Sounds like fun! It would be great to meet the folks whos journeys I've followed on the blogs!

Kristan and Mark said...

I voted for June because my kids will be out of school and thought we'd turn the weekend into a week long vacation in Chicago since there is so much to do. But of course we'll come any time, especially since I'm helping out (wink).

Sonja & Gavin Wilson said...

Hey! I am so excited about this! We are friends of Chris & Michelle and live in Indiana. I love the name and would love to come. OUr kids are out of school in June, but we will make it a priority to come whenver it is! Thanks for planning this! It sounds GREAT!


Sonja Wilson & the Fam

Sandi said...

What a fabulous idea. I love it and hope to be able to come. It will be great to meet everyone and let all the Kaz kids get together.

Please add me to the list.

Sandi said...

What a fabulous idea. I love it and hope to be able to come. It will be great to meet everyone and let all the Kaz kids get together.

Please add me to the list.

Kurt & Chandra said...

We're interested in hearing more. How did you all get together in the first place - same agencies. We have an almost 18 monther home from Kaz last Jan and are thinking about starting paperwork for #2.
We're in MN so would love to try to take part in a get together.