Sunday, November 25, 2007

tentative schedule and reminders!

Hi everyone, I have had a few e-mails about what the schedule during Kazapalooza will be. I am posting a rough draft. It will change I am sure but below is what we have right now. Please also remember the following:

1. If you have not already, send me the registration form that is in a post a few down
2. Send Michelle aproximately 5 photos of your kids at

3. Book your hotel room

4. Get excited!!!!!!!!

Here is what we have so far:

Friday: 5pm-8pm meet and greet and pizza party. This will be at the hotel and will be a great chance for everyone to get to know eachother and say hello. The cost for this is covered by your registration fee.

Saturday: 9:30ish breakfast with everyone. Most likely a raffle, entertainment for the kids and a few speakers. Group photo with kids in Kazakh outfits if they have them. The Charity will be announced at this time as well. Fun to be had for sure!
There will be an additional cost for this event but we are trying to keep it reasonable.

2:30ish Group photo in Kazapalooza Tees on the Aquarium steps and then the Aquarium.
There is an additional cost for the Aquarium tickets and we will be letting you know how much shortly but we are able to get a group rate.

5:00-7:00 everyone is free to break into groups and go to dinner. There will be a list of places within walking distance given to you.

7:00ish Pool Party. There is a large pool with a huge deck area perfect for a great time!

8:15ish cookies and milk. The cost of this is covered with your registration fee.

Sunday: 10:00-? farewell and playing in Grant Park across from the hotel.

We tried to leave plenty of time in the schedule so everyone could accomodate naps and explore on their own as well. Chicago has so much to offer and I know you all will love my home city! I will be getting there Thursday night and will be glad to meet anyone when they check in. You all will be provided with a detailed schedule and contact numbers. Also, we are working on a meeting space so whenever you all have down time you can congregate there with your kids and just hang. The meeting space was awesome when I attended Guatoberfest. it is also very expensive but we are working on it!

Hope this helps with your planning.

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