Thursday, February 7, 2008

Kazapalooza Luncheon 6/14/08

First off PLEASE read the post below.

We are now taking payments for the Luncheon on Saturday, June 14th. We will take over the entire top floor at Grace O'Malley's Pub which is located a few blocks away from the hotel. The price is $25 (plus $1.75 Paypal fee) for adults and children over 6. Children between the ages of 2-6 are $5 which can be paid at the door and children under 2 are free. If you do not want to use Paypal please e-mail me for my address.
This price includes a buffet lunch and drinks (non-alcoholic) along with some great entertainment for the kids. This is the main event of our weekend so please plan on attending. There will be a cash bar available for alcoholic beverages. You MUST pre-pay for this event prior to March 30th except children under 6 which we will collect the $5 at the door. Additionally, those who live in the area and want to come to this event are welcome. Please click on the Paypal link to the right and pay for all people in your party over 6 years old. In the comments section whne you are in Paypal, please indicate the number of children below 6 and their ages that will be attending.

In addition to eating at this event, we will be having the raffle, speakers and the slideshow of our precious children.

Please e-mail me at with any questions.

What else will I have to pay for?
Friday night's meet and greet is covered by the registration fee
The tee-shirts are optional
The Aqarium is optional. Only those wanting to get the discounted rate will have to pay ahead of time. Others who want to wait can pay at the door.
Pool party is free
Sunday's playdate is free

PLEASE make an effort to be at the luncheon. We CAN'T make any exceptions and must have all reservations by March 30th. I take that back, the only exception we can make is again to those who are in process and may be traveling. Please e-mail me if you think this applies to your family and we will work it out.

Again you must pay for all people in your party over the age of 6 by March 30th either by the Paypal link on the right or by mailing me a check.


Riley & Dan's Mom said...

Hi, I paid for my luncheon but somehow missed the comment section on paypal. It is just one lunch for me and I have two kids under 6.
Sorry I messed it up

Thad & Ann said...

I just paid for Thad & me, the comment section didn't show up but we have 2 under 6. :)

Thad & Ann said...

we just pre-paid for our Hotel room. :)

The Segebarths said...

I just paid for us. you will have 2 different pay pals from me, I am a moron and couldn't figure out how to change to number of people. So we should have 2 adults paid for and we also have 2 children under 6

Noah and Josh's Mom said...

I think Stacy and I must share a brain because I could not figure out how to change the quantity either so you will have 2 from me for David and I. We will have 2 under 6. Thanks!

Michelle Sapp said...

We have two different paypals as well - didn't have the option of changing the # of people attending.

Also, couldn't find the comment, two children 1 - 3 years & 1 - 4 years

Alaina said...

We also paid for 2 adult luncheons separately but failed to leave a comment (I couldn't see where) - we have 2 kids under 6.