Sunday, June 15, 2008


What a great weekend. Everything went wonderfully and it was so amazing to see so many families with luvies from Kaz! I wanted to thank every family who made the trip and those who supported the event but were not able to make it. I am pleased to announce we made over $800 for our charity which was Interlink. Interlink helps older orphans by teaching them life skills and vocations so when they age out of the orphanage they have a way to survive other then drugs and prostitution. We were amazed at the generosity shown by all the families that attended. We had 41 families participate in the weekend activites...that is a lot of Kazakh cuties!

A few wrap up things:

1. I posted my photos below. I was not able to take many photos as I was running around a lot so PLEASE e-mail me ( your photos and I will post them here. It would be best to have a shutterfly link or flicker like I put mine in or pick out a few really great ones and I will post them here. Hopefully, we will all have plenty of photos to enjoy.

2. I am putting together a list of the families that includes their e-mail address, last name, names of children and city and state. If you do not want this information posted here please e-mail me. I will post the list so all of us can keep in better touch.

3. For all of you who want to come next year, it was announced this weekend that Kazapalooza 2009 will take place in Nashville June 26th-28th. We will be updating this blog (after a planning vacation) with details for next year's event.

4. Please please please-send me an e-mail or leave a comment (you can use anonymous if you would like) to give us feed back on what we can do better for next year. We want to know and will not be offended.

5. If you want to be invited to my blog, I am more then happy to invite anyone that I met this all were awesome. E-mail me and I will send you an invite.
Thank you all for making this dream of mine come true!


Matthew and Suzanne said...

Sorry I missed it - we'll be there next year - I hope there is a next year! Suz, Matt, Alyona and Andrey

Stewart said...

It was great meeting everyone at this event. It was so special to get all the kids together and to meet some of the families we had only met online. We had a wonderful time. We hope to see you again next year in Nashville.

Stewart, Ashlee, and Owen

Maegan and Tony Van Sant said...

We had a wonderful time, and we had a great time meeting all of you, and seeing those of you we knew once again! We cant wait until next year! Hope to see all of you then!

Maegan, Tony and Taylor