Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Registration Update

We have 34 families registered so far for Kazapalooza 2009! The age ranges of children attending is 1-14. The majority of children registered now fall in the age range of under 5 years old. I have been asked if older kids attend this event. Last year we did have several older kids but hope to have more this year. If you have paid for this event but not sent in your registration form, please try to do that soon. If you have sent in your form but have not paid your fee, try to do that soon too. :) Closer to the deadline I will sending out emails to let you know if I have not received one or the other from you. Remember the deadline to register is March 31st.

We are so excited about meeting all of you and seeing old friends again. This year will be so much fun.

Also the hotel does have several suites reserved for us at a special price if you need more space. If anyone calls the hotel and finds we are out of rooms, let me know. I can always reserve more. Again, let me know if you have any questions at all!!

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Jila said...

I've just paid my registration fee but am not sure where to find the form. It's probably obvious so excuse me for being dense. And while I'm here I want to say (not for the only time this year, I'm sure) how grateful I am for all the work you (the organizers) put into this event. We had such fun last year and are really looking forward to coming to Nashville.
--Jila & Kiana