Tuesday, December 29, 2009


Registration is officially open for Kazapalooza 2010 (June 18-20)! Families will not have as much time to register this year, so don’t delay!

To register, follow these steps:

1. Send an e-mail to me, Michelle Sapp (SpEduc8er@aol.com), entitled, “Kazapalooza,” in the subject line. I will then send you a form to fill out and return to me. It is important that you fill this out and return it so that we have the necessary information to secure meeting spaces, etc…

2. Send in your registration fee. The registration fee is same as last year, $100.00 plus a small Paypal fee. The fee covers the cost of nametags, to welcome bags, to food on Friday night and space, etc…

We are sorry, but registration fees are non-refundable. We are not responsible for hotel costs that may be lost.

Fees may be paid by Paypal using the button on the sidebar or by check or money order sent to Michelle Sapp. The address will be on the registration form.

3. After registering, you can secure your room at the hotel (http://www.hiltonmilwaukee.com/)
Check out this link for water park pictures (http://www.paradiselanding.com/virtual/virtual_tour1.htm)

Contact Hilton Milwaukee City Center directly at: 414-271-7250 and reference the Kazapalooza room block
(June 18-20, 2010) to receive the group rate of:
$139.00 plus tax per night for a standard room


If you’d like a one bedroom Executive Suite, it will be $204 plus tax per night.
* There are a limited number of suites, so if you are interested in this option, reserve quickly.


There is a third option called a, "King Junior" for $169.00. This has a king bed and sitting room with pull out sofa separated by folding door.

We are very excited for Kazapalooza 2010 – Milwaukee, WI! We look forward to reconnecting with old friends and connecting with new ones! Please pass along the word to new and old friends! We'd like to see this event grow each year!

Our tentative schedule is as follows:


Meet & Greet 6:00

Betty Brinn Children’s Museum (http://www.bbcmkids.org/)
(The cost of this event is covered in your registration fee.)

We will be renting out the entire floor for our event. It is an amazing place we believe our families will enjoy. Check out the website above. It will offer a place our children can burn off energy while the adults can meet and get to know each other without fear that our children are getting into things they shouldn’t. The facility also offers a, “quiet/serenity” room for any child that may need a space to get away from all the activity/noise that may be happening ☺ As a bonus, there is an outside patio area perfect for the adults to take advantage of to sit around and talk. The patio area overlooks the lake!

Pizza and beverages will be offered this night.


Breakfast on own

Preview of auction items Saturday morning

* The hotel has graciously offered to let us set up our auction items in advance so that everyone can preview them before the lunch. Because of this, we will need to collect all donations Friday night so we can get them all set up by Saturday morning so everyone can get a chance to see all the great items up for raffling! Donations can be given to any of the planners: Michelle, Muriel, Karen, Lori, Gretchen, or Kristan. All Kazapalooza families can come down to our luncheon room at any point Saturday morning and see the great donations.

Please start considering what you will bring to donate to our raffle. This is where we make our money to donate to our chosen raffle to give back to the children still in Kazakhstan. Last year we made well over twice as much as the year before and we hope our kindness and generosity continues to grow! Some ideas of donations we’ve had in the past: homemade gifts such as jewelry, art, hand-sewn gifts, Kazakhstan-themed donations such as clothing, dolls, art, decorations, state or region-themed gifts such as food products, sports memorabilia, kid items such as hair bows, cars/trucks/tractors, games, books, art supplies, themed baskets such as movies/popcorn, spas items, hot sauce, ANYTHING!!!

Lunch/Slideshow/Raffle located in Hotel Banquet Room 11:00
(***There will be an additional fee for this event.)

This will be our big event. We decided to change things up this year and see if a luncheon would serve our families better than a dinner. Our slideshow and raffle will take place at our lunch. We take to heart what our families our telling us, so we thought we’d try a lunch this year instead of a dinner. We are serving kid-friendly foods and having things like Wisconsin’s famous mac and cheese in addition to hotdogs/brats/salads and veggies/fruits, etc…

2:30 Depart for Sprecher Brewery Tour (anyone is welcome, including children. Must bring your ID. There will be a small charge for transportation and the tour

Dinner - on own

Pool Party (located in the hotel) - 7:00 (after dinner)

Sunday - Meet in Kazapalooza Hotel Meeting Room for Goodbyes

*Also, I strongly encourage you to join the yahoo group set up for Kazapalooza. See below in previous post for details!

** If you are looking to extend your vacation stay, check out the post Muriel posted below. These are GREAT family vacation spots!!!

*** Lastly, Start registering! I'll keep you all updated on how many families we have registered!

****IF YOU ARE INTERESTED IN GOLFING ON SUNDAY MORNING E-MAIL MURIEL (murielcollison@hotmail.com) and we will try to get some foursomes together.


Kelly and Sne said...

When will registration "close"? I'd like to get a sense of how fast dossier #2 will move through the consulate and in Kaz... Probably will know more end of January or so.

Kelly and Sne said...

When will registration "close"? I'd like to get a sense of how fast dossier #2 will move through the consulate and in Kaz... Probably will know more end of January or so.

Michelle Sapp said...

Registration closes May 17, one month before our event. This is dictated by the hotel contract.