Friday, May 21, 2010

Our Charity

I have gotten some questions about who Kazapalooza's 2010 charity is and where the proceeds from the raffle go. As many of you may know, one of the goals of Kazapalooza is to support a charity every year that works in Kazakhstan with the children left behind. We are pleased to announce that our charity this year is Two Hearts For Hope. (

All the proceeds from the raffle and all leftover registration funds will be donated to Two Hearts for Hope. We are really hoping to exceed our donation of $2,500 last year. Please bring your checkbooks and your generous spirit to the luncheon on Saturday. When economic times are tough it is even more important to dig a little deeper. The raffle tickets will be $5. Please be thinking about what item(s) you will be donating to the raffle. Each family attending Kazapalooza is asked to bring a raffle item.

Although we will have an informational session led by SPOON on Sunday morning, the purpose of this meeting is strictly educational. They will not be soliciting donations.


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Sue Heacock said...

Any suggestions for donations? What's been popular in the past? What raises lots of money? This is our first time to Kazapalooza, so we're not sure what has been done in the past.