Monday, May 10, 2010

What to expect-FRIDAY NIGHT

The Planners thought we would be specific about what to expect at each of the events so that if you need to make adjustments or bring your own food or drink ect. you will have all the information needed.

Friday night:
We have rented the entire Children's Museum. It is a pretty long walk from the hotel but there is plenty of parking available. It is a large space with several exhibits and a quiet room. There are two balconies overlooking the lake. We will be eating picnic style. There will be some chairs but many families will need to picnic around the museum. We will be serving the following which is included in your registration fee:

pizza (cheese, different meats, veggie)
rootbeer and other canned soda
bottled water
juice boxes
*for liability reasons we are unable to serve alcohol.

The party will go until 9pm. You will need to check in and you will receive your welcome bag at this event. Please note, if you will not be there, make arrangements to have someone pick up your welcome bag. We will not have them at any other time.

You can learn more about the museum here:

Although the following is not a "Kazapalooza" event, people in the past have gathered in the hotel bar once the children are in bed. There is a bar in the lobby at our hotel called The Miller Time Pub and it is open until 2:30am.

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