Thursday, June 17, 2010

Heads or Tails

Wanna win this super awesome cool Ipod Shuffle that is literally the size of a house key?


Here is how to play:
Find me (muriel) and purchase a ticket for heads or tails $5. I will give you a special sticker which means you paid and are eligible to play. All ages can play this game...last years winner was 6.

During lunch we will announce that it is time to play Heads or Tails and everyone who has a special sticker stands up. You must place your hands on your head or tail and leave them there. I will flip a coin and if it lands on heads and you have your hands on your head you are still in. If you had your hands on your tail you would be out. We keep flipping the coin until there are only a few people remaining and they come up front. We toss the coin until there is one winner and they get the Ipod.
SOOOOOOO Play Heads or Tails on Saturday and remember all the proceeds from this game go to Two Hearts For Hope.

See ya soon!

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