Tuesday, May 3, 2011

2011 Charity Announced!!

We are very excited to announce this year's charity will be Antares Foundation! Below you can read about Antares and the project we hope to complete.

The Antares Foundation was incorporated in 2004 to help provide support for orphans in the North Kazakhstan Region through child sponsorship, educational programs, meeting medical needs and providing needs of the orphanages. Antares has been involved in many projects over the past seven years such as purchasing washing machines and satellite for all the family groups at the Regional Boarding School in Petropavlovsk, providing soft indoor play equipment for the Poludino and Disabled Orphanages, creating a relaxation room at the Disabled Orphanage, and many other projects.

Antares has recently started renovations and upgrades for the library at the Sokolovka Orphanage. With a recent generous donation we were able to start purchasing books and part of the shelving we will need. The windows, flooring and lighting will need to be replaced and the ceilings repaired. For us this orphanage was the most neglected in our area.

Each year the planners of Kazapalooza choose a charity that supports orphan children in Kazakhstan. This year several organizations submitted applications outlining certain projects that we could support. We received four application this year. The decision was a difficult one as we are familiar with all four groups and the projects they outlined were all wonderful ways to support the children and young people in Kazakhstan. The charity was chosen by majority vote of the six planners.

In previous years we have chosen one charity to support, but this year we have decided to chose one primary chairty (Antares) to recieve 80% of the donations with the remaining 20% being divided evenly among SPOON, Two Hearts For Hope, and Dream Prosperity. Each charity will then be allowed to set up informational booths after the raffle on Saturday to give our families a way to learn more about each group.

We have many new families this year that may not be familiar with our raffle. To give you all an idea of what to expect, here is a brief overview of our raffle and a sample of donation ideas.

We ask that each family bring a donation to be raffled at our luncheon on Saturday. It can be any sized donation. Our families are some of the most generous and imaginative with their donations. Past donations have included baskets containing spa products, local souvenirs, gift cards, handmade hair bows, and jewelry. Kazakh related items are always a big hit. In the past there have been tote bags embroidered with the Kp logo, stained glass of the Kazakh flag, and even a child size lawn chair with the flag woven into the seat. Many of our families donate items from their businesses such as hand made tables, chairs, hair bows, and even a autographed book.

If you have friends that are talented and would be willing to donate an item, ask! Families and friends of our attendees often love helping by giving items. Please keep in mind that our families are coming from all over the country, even Canada. Many will be flying home so large items may be best showcased with a picture and offer to ship to the winner.

You will be able to purchase tickets for $5 each on Friday or Saturday. This money goes directly to the charities we support. To purchase tickets, just find one of the planners. We will be wearing a ribbon on our name tags.

Friday night we ask you drop off your donated items for the raffle at registration. Tables will be set up at the luncheon on Saturday for you to browse and look over the items. On Saturday, you will place your tickets in a cup which corresponds to the donation you would like to win. We will pull tickets at the luncheon and give you your prize that day. This year we will only be choosing one name for each donation and will have the item brought to your room or left at the front desk. Please be sure and ask on check out if you have any items waiting if you have left the luncheon. If you are not staying at the hotel we will contact you via the info you gave upon registration.

Also if you are unable to attend this year's event, you may still donate items for the raffle. Send us an email to get more information.

We are so excited about this year's event and cannot wait to share this weekend with you, our wonderful Kaz families.

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