Friday, June 10, 2011

Information on Photo Collage

Below is information from Karen Harrison our photographer on how to purchase the amazing collage she made of the families reserved a photo session with her.

Hi everyone,

I'm overwhelmed at the number of people who have requested that the Kazapolooza collage be made available... so, ask and you shall receive! An 8x10 and 11x14 version of the collage are now available. If anyone does NOT want one of their photos included on the collage, please email me and let me know (by June 12th please). Once I've received those emails, if there are any, I'll recreate the collage with the remaining photos, and will have them delivered with your regular collection purchase.

To purchase a collage, click on the below link that corresponds with the size you'd like. The link will redirect you to Paypal, where you can complete your purchase. I will receive your payment and will know to include a collage in with your order. Please place all orders by June 12th so these can be included with the shipment of your Collection.
Thank you!!!

8x10 Kazapalooza Collage - $12.00
11x14 Kazapalooza Collage - $20.00
- Karen
Karen Harrison Photography
(813) 495-5135

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