Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Sokolovka Library Project

We have received a final update from Antares Foundation regarding the Soklovka Library Project in Northern Kazakhstan. The new library required extensive remodeling before the new books, shelves, tables and chairs could be used. This room was in very bad repair prior to this remodel. The children are sure to enjoy the use of this room as well as all the books. Here is a letter from Tanya, the Kaz coordinator for the project with pictures following.

Hi everyone,

Yesterday there was the Day of Open Doors (the library opening and a
concert) in the orphanage. There were guests invited - a former
principal of the orphanage, head of the region, deputy for Maslikhat,
representative of the military commissariat, head of the local
Sokolovka museum (an old man)  and local TV. Everyone was really happy
for children. And children love their new books very much! I will
finish with the pictures of the library in 1-2 weeks. The pictures of
the library are attached.


We would like to personally thank our families for giving so much toward this project. Each year you all amaze us as planners with your generosity. We look forward to another great year with a new project in store!


Trudi said...

This is WONDERFUL!!!!

kristen said...

I would also like to thank you all for making this possible. For those who don't know me, my name is Kristen Kolshorn. I am on the board of Antares. This project represent more than a library. It has given these kids some things that they have never had. One being a beautiful place in their orphanage. Secondly, it has shown them that they aren't the forgotten. That people care about them. They do not have the local sponsors that help them that the other regional orphanages have. They are showing pride in this library. For the first time ever seen in pictures, some of these kid have real smiles on their faces. You all put those smiles there. There isn't enough thanks that I can give you for that.