Wednesday, May 30, 2012

2012 Charity Announcement!

One of the goals for Kazapalooza each year, besides having fun, is to raise money to improve the lives of children in Kazakhstan. We hold a raffle at the luncheon for this purpose. This year several organizations submitted applications to us. It was a difficult decision for the planners and we all appreciate the hard work these organizations do for children in Kazakhstan.

Children from Ark Village

Ark Village has been chosen as the single recipient of our 2012 charity award.

Ark Village is a privately run children’s home in Almaty currently caring for 70 orphans. They will use the funds to help construct a new home to house 20 more children. Ark Village is located in Talgar Kazakhstan and run by Guido Trezzani.

Papa Guido
Ark Village first opened its doors June 1, 2000. The director fought the system to create a loving, nurturing environment for children of all ages and abilities. They are taught basic life skills such as cooking, cleaning, working together in a family structure, and even shopping at the local bazaar to teach them how to handle basic business transactions. The children also learn ceramics, music, sewing, and computer skills. Children live in “homes” which include a play room, living room, class room, bathroom, and sleeping rooms in each home. There is a separate cafeteria where all the children eat together. Also on the property is a gymnasium, school building, a dental lab, and a doctor’s office.

Ark Village relies solely on donations from friends and well-wishers of Guido Trezzani, the founder of the organization. There is no formal contribution to the orphanage from any religious or State body whatsoever. Papa Guido is devoted to giving the children at Ark Village hope for a future, providing a loving, supportive, and nurturing environment.

The organizers of Kazapalooza are excited to give our families an opportunity to learn more about Ark Village and support such a great place. Look for more information on other great charities working in Kaz at the luncheon.

The facility to be demolished and reconstructed as a home for 20 more children.

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