Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Kazapalooza Raffle Details


An exciting part of our weekend is holding a raffle to support a charity working with orphans in Kazakhstan.

The raffle is our opportunity to give back to the children living in orphanages in the country that gave us so much. Last year there were around 55 families in attendance and we raised over $6,000 for Ark Village! With over 100 families coming to this year’s event wouldn’t it be wonderful if we could double that record?

This year we are excited to be supporting the SPOON Foundation ( Their mission is to improve nutrition and feeding for orphans and vulnerable children so they may grow and develop to their full potential.
Here is an overview of how the raffle works...

We ask that each family consider bringing a donation to be raffled at our luncheon on Saturday.

***It can be any size or type of donation. Our families are some of the most generous and imaginative with their donations.

To get you thinking, here are some of the donations we have had in the past:

• Kazakh related items are always a big hit – there has been tote bags embroidered with the KP logo; stained glass of the Kazakh flag; a belt buckle, domino set, & cutting board with the Kazakh flag engraved on it; and even a child size lawn chair with the flag woven into the seat
• spa products
• souvenirs from your local city/state/province
• gift cards
• handmade items like hair bows and aprons
• jewelry
• games, toys, puzzles, books
• kitchen items
• clothing items
• home business items such as handmade tables, chairs, hair bows, and even an autographed book
• iPod/iPad
• candies, sweets, other food items
• beach and outdoor gear
• anything in Kaz colors

***If you have friends that are talented and would be willing to donate an item, ask! Families and friends of our attendees often love helping by giving items. Please keep in mind that our families are coming from all over the country, even Canada. Many will be flying home so extra large items may be best showcased with a picture and offer to ship to the winner.

Once you know what you are donating, please email or post what you are bringing - that will help us to organize all the prizes and also allow us to give a preview of the raffle items.

Please drop off your donated items for the raffle at the KP registration on Friday afternoon.
***Please note that to save on time during Saturday’s luncheon we will be combining most items into baskets and bags. Our families are so generous (which is a wonderful thing!) that if we drew for each item individually we would be drawing for hours. If you would like to work with friends to create your own basket, by all means please do so, otherwise we will combine items as they are dropped off at registration. (Note: If you do create your own basket please include an itemized list of all the items in the basket.)

On Saturday morning the luncheon room will open approximately one hour prior to the event. You will be able to purchase tickets for $5 each at the ticket tables in the luncheon room. This money goes directly to SPOON Foundation.

***NEW THIS YEAR: Make an online donation to SPOON Foundation during May or June. Bring your receipt to our event and receive the equivalent amount in raffle tickets to be used in our raffle. (Note: We will not keep your receipt but would like the total and last name of the donor to keep track of our total.)

SPOON donation link:

Tables will be set up for you to browse and look over the raffle items. You will place your tickets in a cup which corresponds to the donation you would like to win. We will pull tickets at the end of the meal and give you your prize that day.

***If you are unable to attend this year's event, you may still donate items for the raffle. Send us an email to get more information.

If you have any questions feel free to post them here, email or contact one of us.

Looking forward to seeing you all in a few short months!

 Tanya Gerbrandt, Ria Kentoff & Gena Lloyd
Your 2014 Kazapalooza Raffle Coordinators

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