Wednesday, March 14, 2018

2018 Update

Hello KP Families,
If you are registered for KP, please take a moment to read the following. It is very important! You may even want to grab a coffee, soda or beverage of your choice first because this is long 😊
The interest in KP this year has reached beyond anything we could have imagined, much less predicted. In trying to accommodate all who want to attend it has meant that we have had to completely restructure the weekend.
With that said, sadly we are still having to keep a waiting list as we have reached almost 600 people and try as we might, there is simply no way for us to accommodate any more.
Almost 600 people you say??? If that number frightens you or causes you pause, believe me, it’s having that same effect on us.
Below is an outline of the new structure of the event. But please make sure you read all the way to the end!
*Both Friday night and Saturday will have two meal times. It’s the only way we can accommodate the amount people in the space available.
*Friday Dinner: 5pm and 7pm. Dinner sign up will be at a later date.
*Friday, Lawn Games 5-8 pm…Come play before or after dinner.
*Saturday’s Luncheon 11 and 1. Lunch times will be assigned by regions.
**The Raffle:
*There is simply not enough space for all of us to be in the raffle space at once. Therefore, if your lunch time is 1:00, you will be able to browse the raffle, purchase tickets (we will be encouraging presale of tickets!) and make your selection between 11-1.
If your meal time is at 11, your raffle time will be from 1-3.
*Important! The actual raffle will start at 4:00. This is the only way we are able to do the raffle with this many people. After the luncheon the room will be rearranged to theater style to accommodate our large group. We will work as diligently as possible to move as quickly as possible through the raffle. We’ve become much more efficient throughout the years.
**You MUST be present to win!!
*Sunday: Coffee and some kind of breakfast goodie. Time and details still to be determined.
*Sunday: Talent Show…details still to be determined.
As mentioned this is currently just an overview of the weekend where we stand right now with things. Everything is possible to change if/as needed.
Please keep reading!! The following information is important!
It has been brought to our attention that there are families who have not been able to register or are simply not going to, but plan to come anyway. We cannot tell you that you are not able to do this, but please let it be understood that you will not be able to participate in the KP events.
On the flip side, we have also heard from families that have registered that they may not participate in the planned events because they don’t like the structure and/or there are just too many people.
If you know ahead of time you aren’t planning to participate due to the structure or sheer number of people, we ask you to reconsider coming as there are people on our waiting list who would love to come and actively participate.
This year is unlike any previous years, so we understand any reservations any of you may have about attending. More than anything we want KP to be a positive experience for your family, so if you believe after reading this that you do not believe this year’s KP is a good fit for your family, we have decided to offer a one-time full refund from (March 14-March 21).
All you have to do is contact Gretchen privately and she will issue you a refund. Refunds after this time will not be accepted because once we have our budget in place we depend on it for the event.
**Also, if you have registered but have NOT paid, it is also critical that you contact Gretchen as well to cancel. If you don’t tell us, we won’t know to fill your space.
I know this is a lot of information, but we wanted each of you to know exactly what KP looks like as of now. We love our families and we do not want to lose any of you! With that said, we know that KP can prove to be overwhelming for children and adults alike, even in smaller years. So please take time to consider the size and structure of this year’s event and decide if you think it will be an overall positive experience for you and your child(ren).
If you have any questions please contact any of the planners.

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