Thursday, September 20, 2007


I thought I would post questions as they come up so everyone can learn more! :)

Question: How did you all get together in the first place - same agencies?

No, between the four of us we used three different agencies! I guess I (Muriel) am the common link.
Michelle and I used to be with the same agency and we both live in Illinois so we talked on the phone a few times and have followed eachother's blogs for well over a year but have never met...I can't wait until we do!

Kristan and I used the same agency and we were in Karaganda adopting our little girls from the same baby house at the same time. Our girls are three months apart. We became great friends spending 8 weeks together in Kaz. Kristan is from Florida.

Gretchen used a different agency and we met in Almaty when she was just starting her journey and we were heading home. We were so lucky to meet them and enjoyed our dinners! Gretchen is from Tennessee.

Don't forget to read the previous post and let us know if you are coming!


Karen said...

Bob and I plan to attend Kazapalooza—the only thing that would prevent us is if we're in Uralsk picking up our son. But you guys have been so supportive, we just can't wait to meet our "net" buddies. How fun is that going to be?


Karen said...

Oh I forgot, book one room for us, please.


kitzkazventure said...

We hope to attend and will definitely need one room....we may try to convince some wisconsin relatives to join us but will hold off on speaking for them. Looking forward to meeting the Karaganda region folks! AND, Mateo since he reminds me of our Nick! Karen, Pat, and Nick Kitzman (Kaz '07)

Joanne & Andy said...

I hope you guys come Karen and Patrick, it would be great to finally meet you after almost being in Zhez. at the same time!