Monday, September 24, 2007

Registration is here.

On the side bar you will see a PayPal link. This is for the registration for Kazapalooza. I know it seems eearly to register but that is how we can determine what kind of deal we can get on the Aqarium and our dinner on Saturday night. We need a head count. We are really trying to put together an awesome weekend but need more definate numbers and a definate budget.

The fee is $65 per family and includes pizza dinner on Friday night, group rental space, entertainment for Saturday night's dinner and special little surprises throughout the weekend. We will keep an accounting and all extra money will go to a charity that helps Kazakh orphans which will be announced at dinner Saturday night. We are doing our best to keep the weekend affordable and think $65 per family is very reasonable. If you are coming, you must register. The fee is not refundable unless you are in country at the time. If you are going to miss Friday night, but will be there the rest of the time, you must still pay the fee. I am not trying to be difficult but since the four of us are planning this weekend in our "spare" time it is much easier to make it as simple as possible for accounting and planning.

Once you have registered, please leave a comment stating that so I can make sure the PayPal account has received the payment. Also please state how many people will be coming. Additionally, once people register, if their blogs are public, I will post the address on the sidebar so we can all "meet" eachother before the big weekend.

We are so excited that so many families want to come. We will have information on how to book your hotel room listed here shortly. After that, you all can relax and the four of us will get to planning.



Muriel and Jerry said...

I am registered (of course)

mason's mom said...

We are registered--looking forward to coming

Chris and Gretchen said...

We are registered. Should we list how many adults/kids on each post?
2 adults
1 infant

Jennifer said...

I paypal'd the registration.

our blog is

Anonymous said...

Can we register by sending you a check directly?

Beckie (

Matthew and Suzanne said...

I'd like to go but I'm afraid to register until I at least get my LOI! So I'm holding at the moment...

Jen & Marshall said...

We'd love to go as well - but we are also hesitant to plan too far ahead - we first want to return home with our baby...there have been too many heartbreaks along the way for us - so we're gonna wait. It is SO great that this is happening, though!

Matthew & Suzanne - any chance we can get access to your blog? My email is Also, if you want access to ours, let me know. It is also password protected.

dkeogh said...

Hi. We are going to have to pass right now. Sorry but the date for the get away really does not work for us. Maybe another year we can make it.

Disappointed but we will be with you in spirit.

The Keogh's

danette and steve said...

I just submitted our registration by paypal. Please let me know if you receive this; I'm new to the blogosphere and haven't completely figured out how to navigate to the information I want. We're registering for 2 adults and 2 kids.

Danette and Steve