Monday, October 15, 2007

Essex Inn it is.

Well, it looks like the Essex Inn is the winner. I had court in Chicago this morning and I stopped by the hotel today for a full tour! I am more excited then ever. The pool area is huge and has nice lounge chairs and tons of game tables. Connected to it is the outdoor patio which has gorgeous views of Grant Park. We will have our pizza party there Friday night and I think it would be a great spot to hang out. When I went to Guatoberfest during the down time many of the families hung out in our meeting room and it was so much fun!

I also picked up the menus for the onsite catering and I am excited about the options.

The hotel lobby is very nice and is literally accross the street from Grant Park. It is within walking distance to Millenium Park and many places to eat. The hotel provides a free shuttle to the Magnificant Mile shopping which is always nice. The hallways and outside of the hotel are a little run down but it was confirmed again today that all of the rooms will be completely re-done. They will look great. It is a perfect place for our group.

We will be going to either the Aqarium and/or Museum of Sience and Industry (so fun) and both are a little over a mile walk from the hotel. You can walk or take a cab. Please let me know if you prefer the Aqarium or Museum of Sience and Industry. I will leave it open for voting on the side.
Admission adult $23, child $16 under 3 is free!
Admission adult $11 child $7 under 3 years old admission is free!

Also, we noticed that 21 families voted on the hotel but only 12 are registered. We hope this means more families will be registering. We would love to have you all come.


Kristan and Mark said...

Yay, I'm excited. I haven't been voting since I'm coming regardless of what we do. Muriel, thanks for all you are doing and keeping it going.

Thad & Ann said...

yay! Sounds exciting...I chose the Museum...It has several train displays. ;) But it honestly doesn't matter what we do the boys will love both.

Joanne & Andy said...

I have registered for the big event!! Andy, Nicholas, Jacob and I will be there. Hopefully we will be bringing some other families from our area with us who have adopted from Kaz.!!

Kim said...

This just might make it possible for us to make it. I am keeping my fingers crossed that we can. I don't want to register just yet though. When it gets a bit closer we should have a better idea if we can make it or not.

craig & cherie said...

We have finally committed to the big event. We will bring our 2yr old KZ boy named Cyrus and his 8 yr sister.
Thanks for organizing this event. We are excited about coming to Chicago and meeting everyone.