Friday, October 12, 2007

Time to vote again!

Alright after many hours and phone calls, I found another hotel option for less money. The Essex Inn is a smaller hotel with a fabulous pool and rooftop deck. They have offered us a rate of $169 per night for a double occupant (2 adults plus kids). They also have a special rate if you book by March 14th which is $159. The $159 rate is non-refundable and the $169 rate is completely refundable up to 72 hours in advance. Additionally, they have offered freee shuttle service to the museums, Navy Pier and the Magnificent Mile. Also they will get us shopping totes with coupons. They have a fairly reasonable (for Chicago) priced restaurant on site with all different types of food. They seemed much more willing to accommodate our needs then the Hilton. However, I read some of the reviews and was a little concerned because they all mentioned the rooms were out dated. It is an older hotel and is a little run down (I visited myself). I think my opinion of "run-down" has definitely changed since living in kaz for 8 weeks! Now The Sales and Catering manager has told me that in January of 2008 all the rooms will be completely re-done with new furniture, carpet, bathrooms, bedding ect. She swears this will be done. I want to know what you guys think. I like this hotel better because it is smaller and we can be more unified as a group and I feel they will work with us much more readily. I also love the pool and outside rooftop deck...I was thinking it would be the perfect place for our pizza party Friday night.

The Hilton is a nicer hotel though. It is a very large, very nice hotel.

The hotels are one block apart so basically the same location. Let me be clear though-the Essex Inn is not as nice as the Hilton. It is fine for my family but some people are really picky about their hotels. After the remodel it will be a 3 star hotel. Now it is a 2 star hotel.

Here is the website for the Essex:

Please vote on the sidebar. I will leave the voting open all weekend. Don't forget to leave a comment when you register.


Chris and Gretchen said...

Great job Muriel. You are awesome!!

Chris and Gretchen said...
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Matthew and Suzanne said...

You guys are doing great job coordinating. When should we make hotel reservations or will you be reserving a block? You know we're waiting and I really cant imagine we'd still be in country, but... there is always that nagging fear that this thing will drag on forever. Registering now anyway!

Muriel and Jerry said...

You will be able to book the hotel room in a little bit once they are blocked off. Don't worry about it just yet.

Haven's Family said...

I registered yesterday. We have 2 adults 2 children attending.
Our blog is

Our Kaz cuite is Haven!!

kitzkazventure said...

Thank you so much again for all the extra effort of planning! I do this often for family and friend getaways and I KNOW how hard and tedious it is to try and please everyone! You are doing a fabulous job and we agree with the fact that our opinions of many things have changed since our 10 weeks in Kaz. I recommend it for every American....good reality check! :) I promise to get on and register soon! Thanks again, Karen Kitzman

The McKenzie Crew said...

I wanna come wanna come - I need dates!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!