Tuesday, October 16, 2007


Hello Families ☺ I am putting together a slideshow for us to watch during Kazapalooza. If you would please send me 5 or so pictures of your family to include in the slideshow that would be great! You can send me more up until a few weeks before Kazapalooza if you should have some that you would like added. I know it's early, but with two very energetic little ones, I'd like to be able to get started whenever I have time :-) I promise not to misuse or share pictures with anyone.

Also, if you could please indicate:

month/year you traveled
where to (region in Kazakhstan or other country if this applies),
family name (last name)
and names of children (all children – adopted or not)


Thanks ;-)


mason's mom said...

Michelle, I was wondering if you got my pictures? I know that you have alot on your mind with the other postings on the Yahoo group but the files were big and I am not sure they made it. Mason's mom

Chris & Michelle Sapp said...

Mason's mom,

I did not receive the pictures :-( I just checked all of my mailboxes to be sure. I have only received two family's information and pictures as of now. Will you please send it out again?


ckeilin2000 said...

Chris & Michelle from Taraz? Don't know if you remember us - Larry & Cyndi Keilin with Logan :)

Anonymous said...

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