Tuesday, October 23, 2007


We have 14 families coming so far! I am really excited. I am hoping for 20 families so come on guys, register!


Chris & Michelle Sapp said...

Yeah :-) I am so excited to connect and meet all of you!

gecech said...

Count the Cech family from California in! :-) Muriel- we should dress Emi and Sophie in the same outfits so that they'd REALLY look like twins!

I made the paypal payment tonight. Can't wait to see/meet everyone!

-Eryn, Gregor, Emi and Miya

Kimberly Prud'homme said...

Hi - I just registered the Prud'homme family from CT. We will have Joshua and his 3 year old brother Noah plus two adults.

Our blog is public.


We are looking forward to all the fun.