Saturday, October 6, 2007


We are so excited so many families are going to be coming. Just a reminder, please register by the end of the month. Also I put everyone who is coming on the sidebar even if they do not have a public blog. Please let me know if I missed you and you have registered.


Karen said...

What about us folks who aren't sure when we'll be traveling? Will we be able to register after the end of this month?

Shelby said...

Have you figured out about us last minute people? Finances are holding me back right now.. I missed Atlanta so I would love to be able to get to I have a ton of tourist type books since my safety director lived there.

The Young's said...

After seeng how much fun was had in Atlanta we are also contemplating attending. Because of our work schedules we also will have to register at the last minute.

Kjersten and Steve said...

We're registered now too! Two adults and our daughter (not sure what age yet since we're scheduled to travel to Kaz at the end of October). Our blog address is
Thanks for all of your work to make this a reality!
-Kjersten, Steve and ?