Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Slideshow & T-Shirts

Hello everyone :-) I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday! I'm just reminding everyone that I am making a slideshow for Kazapalooza. I'm hoping to include all families in it!!! So far I only have 7 families including ours. I know it is some time away, but I would really appreciate people sending the pictures when they have time so I can get going on it.

I had one family e-mail me and ask me to choose 5 pictures from their blog. I have no problem doing that, but I won't take pictures from your blog unless you request it. If this is an easier option for you, just e-mail me and let me know.

Here is what I need:

5 or so pictures
month/year you traveled
where to (region in Kazakhstan or other country if this applies),
family name (last name)
and names of children (all children – adopted or not)


Also, we are having t-shirts made for the event. You do not have to purchase them, but they will be available at a later date if you are interested. I will be working with someone next month to get a design firmed up and then I will post all the details.


Muriel and Jerry said...

Girl you can take them off my blog! I trust you!

Maegan and Tony Van Sant said...

You may take them off our blog as well!