Monday, April 12, 2010

Please read!

The DEADLINE to pay for your Saturday lunch is MAY 1st. This is our big event, so please don't forget to pay your fee! I still have about 40 families who have not yet done this. We need to know how many people are coming/eating. At this event, we will be showing the slideshow, eating, and holding the annual raffle for charity. We absolutely need a headcount, so don't delay!!! This is NOT part of your registration fee. If you want to attend the lunch/slideshow/raffle, you need to pay the lunch fee.

Adults are $20 and children 2 and older are $11. You can pay using Paypal on the sidebar of this blog or send a check directly to me, Michelle. If you need my address, please e-mail me (

There are 10 families who have not yet sent in their pictures for the slideshow. Please do so as soon as you can! We REALLY want all beautiful families to be represented! If you know of a family on the list, please pass along the information to them in case they are not actively following the blog or receiving e-mails.


Please pay for your Saturday lunch(es) ASAP!

Be thinking about what you want to donate to the raffle! All the proceeds go to the children of Kazakhstan we were not able to bring home!


Alaina said...

I think I paid for the lunch...will you double check. It's been too long ago. :)

Stephanie and Gary said...

Hi -- I am going to pay for the lunch now but can you please confirm as I sent in my photos for the slideshow before the deadline. THANK YOU!

Stephanie Karp