Tuesday, February 19, 2013

A note about registration

While we wait for the reservations link from our hotel, we thought we would get some housekeeping details out of the way. Everyone is always asking how they can help us with such a large group. Here is your chance! We need a better system for organizing people and changing to a different way to register is the only way to do that at this point. So, we need you to fill out a registration form for every single person in your group. Yes, a pain and a bit more user un-friendly but the system that we have used for the last two years doesn’t make it planner friendly at all. So we need your help in taking these extra steps so we can best organize everyone for name tags, tickets, hotel numbers, etc. Thanks in advance! The new registration form will have a question asking family name/group identifier. This is a name that you can pick to use for every person you are registering whether family member, babysitter, grandparent, etc. The first and last name spaces will be for name on name tag but the group identifier will be the name we use to keep all of your party together on our spreadsheets. For example, Karen Floyd would register herself, her husband Glen Leggett, and her three little Leggetts and their family name could be Fleggetts or Floyd5 or whatever she decided and she would put that name on each of the forms that she fills out. If you use this identifier on every one of your people then you only have to fill out the address on one of the forms. Payment for registration will be via Paypal or check. You will need to add the individual fees and the t-shirt payment and submit payment. Reservations will be made separately thru the hotel website.

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