Friday, February 1, 2013

City Announcement

 Grab your cowboy hat and boots and get ready to ride your way into town…..what town you ask? Most of you have figured out that KAZAPALOOZA 2013 will be held in the DALLAS area. Yes, that’s right, Home of the Texas Rangers Baseball team, the Dallas Cowboys football team, the Dallas Mavericks basketball team, the SMU Mustangs as well as the Dallas Stars Hockey team…… We searched long and hard and the Big D had the most to offer at the best price for our families. We are so excited about our venue and all the fun, food, activities, and shopping that will go on during the weekend. We hope to have registration up and running in the next few weeks as we finalize the contract and make sure the venue is ready to accept reservations from all of our families who are chomping at the bit to get a room and a ticket to the Lone Star state. So, a few clues to where we are NOT staying…..There will be no wolves howling, no “Gaylords” a leaping, no downtown abbeys or cowtown caravans; BUT, we leave you with a few of the great places you will be able to visit while you are in town!

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