What is Kazapalooza?

Kazapalooza is a fun filled weekend long reunion of families who have adopted children from Kazakhstan.  It is held annually on the fourth weekend of June.

The first Kazapalooza was held in Chicago in 2008 and hosted 40 families.  Today Kazapalooza draws nearly 400 attendees.

All Kaz adoptive families are welcome.

A Sea of Yellow and Blue...Charity Luncheon 2012

The goals of Kazapalooza are...

1. To give families who have adopted from Kazakhstan a reunion weekend together where adoption is celebrated and Kazakhstan pride is strong.

2. To give our adopted children the opportunity to form friendships with other children who are also adopted from Kazakhstan.

3. To raise money for organizations that work with children in Kazakhstan.

4. To just have fun!

Kazapalooza by year...

Envisioned and Founded by Muriel Collison with Gretchen Bilbro, Michelle Sapp and Kristan Struck

2008 Chicago, Lead Planner, Muriel Collison.
2009 Nashville, Lead Planner, Gretchen Bilbro

2010 Milwaukee, Lead Planner, Michelle Sapp

2011 St Pete Beach, Lead Planner, Kristan Struck

2012 Sandusky, Lead Planner, Lori Printy

2013 Dallas, Lead Planner, Karen Kitzman

2014 Cortland, NY, Lead Planner, Gretchen Bilbro

2015 Orlando, Lead Planner, Kristan Struck

2016 Broomfield, CO, Lead Planner, Karen Kitzman

2017 Opelika, AL, Lead Planner, Gretchen Bilbro

2018 Frankenmuth, MI, Lead Planner, Karen Kitzman

2019 Albuquerque, New Mexico, Lead Planner, Kristan Struck

Sack Races at Palooza 2012