Volunteer Planners

Each of the planners for Kazapalooza are Kazakhstan adoptive mothers who volunteer countless hours to organize the annual reunion weekend. For them, Kazapalooza is an act of love for their children and a joyful celebration of adoption.

Current planners Gretchen Bilbro, Karen Kitzman and Kristan Struck. 

Current planners are Kristan Struck, Gretchen Bilbro and Karen Kitzman.

Gretchen (from TN, mom of 3), Muriel (from IL, mom of 3), Lori (from OH, mom of 6) Kristan (from FL, mom of 3), Karen (from KY, mom of 3), Michelle (from WI, mom of 2)

Celebrating the 5th annual Kazapalooza and honoring the original organizers; Muriel, Michelle (seated)  and Gretchen, Kristan (standing center). Also pictured are past organizer, Lori, and present organizer, Karen.