Saturday, October 3, 2009

The second planner is....

The second planner is Karen Kitzman!

As an inaugural member of the Kazapalooza groupies, I was so honored and excited to accept a position as rookie planner. Now that I consider all of the Fabulous First Four as my friends “in real life”, I look forward to working with them on an even more personal basis to create another memorable event. We became a Kaz family 2 ½ years ago when we adopted our son Nicholas from Zhezkazgan. Yes, we are in the minority! Where’s Zhezkazgan? Surprisingly Zhez can be found rather easily smack dab in the middle of most Kaz maps. We are officially in the Karaganda Region but most adopt from Karaganda city instead of the little mining city of Zhez. Our lives have forever been changed for the better thru adoption and even more than we imagined by gaining an incredible second family thru all of our fellow Kaz families. The fabulous four have created a truly unique and precious gift to us all so we can maintain friendships and create an environment for our kids to feel “just like everybody else”! See you in Milwaukee!
Karen Kitzman, very proud wife of Patrick and mom of Nicholas (age 5) – home forever in April 2007
We are two mid-westerners (Missouri and Wisconsin) and a really cute central Asian living in Lexington, Kentucky and loving life!

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Outstanding choice!!!